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To CHOOSE KINDNESS means making a choice to inspire,

encourage, or brighten the day of others. 


We choose kindness out of the goodness of our hearts, not for accolades, but for the betterment of a friend, family member, or entire community.

Just as a firefly shines light in an effortless way, any person can bring light to others through their care, consideration, and generosity. 

Be courageous, be brave and make the choice to lead with kindness. 


Choose Kindness 2020 walk.jpg

The Firefly

A poem written by Cam Kranich

In a world full of darkness, the smallest light can illuminate a path.
A single mind can influence the community around it.
Just like a cold lighted firefly can brighten up the night, any heartfelt person can brighten the soul of others.

I have the role of a firefly.
To lead others away from darkness and guide them towards the light.
Stranded on the bottom of a dark, gloomy mountain at the edge of a dense forest.
I try to create a path for an inexperienced explorer who can't create one on their own.

Helping someone trapped at the bottom of a dark endless hole never to be found, looking for a small chance of light, to help them climb out.
I make a spark for those who cannot do so on their own.

The firefly in the jet black sky, who takes his chances and lights up the world.
The one who shines brightest is able to create a chain reaction so powerful the dark, ebony sky becomes a luminous dwelling where darkness no longer belongs.

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