1/22 - HHS Hockey Mental Health Awareness Game


Thank you HHS and CHS Hockey, Rocco Cicirello, Coach Tony Navarre, Oz Community Therapies, all those who helped plan and all who attended to help raise awareness and pay tribute.    

10/21 -  Friends of Cam @ UW Madison and Univ. of Iowa...

Thanks to all for your thoughtfulness and support.  It warms our heart to know that Cam made a positive impact in your lives and that you are carrying his memory and kindness with you. Much love and appreciation.

10/21 -  AFSP "Out of the Darkness" Walk 

Cindy and John participated in the annual "Out of the Darkness" walk at Veteran's park. A donation was made in Cam's memory on behalf of the CKCK Foundation, the Kranich family and friends to support the AFSP (the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) cause.

7/21 -  CKCK "Picnic in the Park" fundraiser event 

Thank you to the many friends who attended, to those who helped organize the CKCK "Picnic in the Park" and to all who donated.  The monies raised will go towards supporting the CKCK's goals of awarding annual scholarships in Cam's memory, to encourage others to "Choose Kindness", to advocate for mental health and create greater awareness. 

10/20 -  CKCK Memorial Walk for AFSP 

Thank you to the 150+ friends who came from near and far to walk with us in memory of Cam. Over $6.500 was raised and donated in Cam's name to the AFSP.  

2/20 - 5K Walk / Run @ Mequon Public Market

Thank you HHS PDP class (Tori B., Christina Z., Andrew L., Max F., and Ben B.) , Gathering on the Green (Traci C.) , and the community for initiating and planning this meaningful  event to raise awareness regarding mental heath.

12/19 - HHS Hockey Mental Health Awareness Game


Thank you HHS Hockey, Coach Tony Navarre, and all those who attended to help raise awareness and pay tribute.  Coincidentally, the final score of the game was 1-6.  

11/19 - Poker Tournament Charity Event

Cam's friends and poker crew came together for a poker tournament and raised over $1,200 in his memory for NAMI.

11/19 - T-Shirt Fundraiser 

Thank you Ben G.  and Jordan G.  for creating and organizing T-Shirt sales, and for all of those who purchased a shirt or donated.  Over 350 shirts were sold!  Amazing!

10/19 - Lantern Lighting at the Rink

Approx. 100 kids came together at the rink to light lanterns in Cam's memory.  Very KIND.